Music for Funerals and Banks

Funerals and Banks? Doesn’t sound very appealing.. but don’t let the name fool you! Mindelixir’s new concept compilation remix album (recompilalbum?), obscurely titled Music for Funerals and Banks, deals the freshness through heavy doses of bass. As what might be described as “Nu Bass”, this compilation digs deep with some of North America’s hottest up and coming talent. The sheer size of it can only be described as “massive”, with originals from names such as Mindelixir, Axiom Crux, Charlie P, and Ghetto Sexuual, and remixes from the likes of Mochipet, Leo123 (half of Dark Party with Eliot Lipp), Splatinum, and quite a few others.

From funky to downright grimey, this compilation takes us on a journey that winds through the towering halls of dubstep past, littered with video game sounds and resonating wobbles. Twenty-one tracks ensure that there’s something for everyone, from spankin’ bangers to groovin’ “headphones” tracks. Mindelixir shot us over a couple exclusives just for you Bwompers, so snag them and make sure to go grab the whole compilation on Beatport.

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Mindelixir – Bionic Commando 2 Remix [BwompBeats Exclusive!]

Sarah Brightman – Figlio Perduto (Axiom Crux Remix) [BwompBeats Exclusive!]