This is Netsky, the Belgian DnB stud who has been busy promoting his self-titled album. I was digging through my iTunes library the other day and realized that I had forgotten about one of my all-time favorite songs: Netsky’s remix of Jessie J’s ‘Nobody’s Perfect’, put out many months ago. A flowing and powerful DnB tune with a dreamy, cunning synth-line and a knowing fluidity that will get you moveing.

Peep this free download of ‘Pirate Bay VIP’ after the drop, and also check out his latest VIP retake on his classic remix of Rusko’s ‘Everyday’ alongside the original tune ‘Secret Agent’, out now on Hospital Records 15 Year Compilation. Lastly, be sure to check him out on twitter and hit up his website for updates and tour dates.

Netsky – Pirate Bay VIP

Darn you, Chrome Kids!


The those nasty cats over at Chrome Kids are at it again! This time focusing on the Welsh producers of the nasty-nasty in a recent mix they did for BBC 1Xtra and Twin B’s show, In New DJs We Trust. The mix is pretty heavy and hard-hitting, showcasing some great talent from Wales and beyond. Definitely worth plugging your iPod into the computer to snag this one!


Magenta – Gutwrencher (White)

Ital Lion – Bullet Dodger (White)

Skamma – Nuff Deep (Accapella)

Stagga feat Skamma – Sick As Sin (Ultra VIP) (Rag & Bone)

Stagga & Don Leisure – On Horse (White)

Superisk – Find Your Way (White)

Stagga Vs Joe Blow – Move In Acidicts (Accapella)

Stagga – Timewarp (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)

Ill Diddy – The Drop Out (White)

Lung – Mari Celeste (White)

Monkey – Bubblin’ (MASK & Dank Remix) (White)

P Dubz – Cabbage (White)

Curtamos – Stormtroop (forthcoming on Subdepth)

Mr Healan – Bloody Target (White)

Don Leisure – 1X1 (White)

Dan Marshall – Footsteps (White)

Diverse Concepts – Dolphin Dance (forthcoming on Chrome Kids)

Monkey & Stagga – Glass Bong (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)

Monkey – Poor You (White)

CRST – Turn Away (forthcoming on Bigger Than Barry)

Beatbox Fozzy Skit

Magenta – Forces (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)

Monkey – Cygnas X1 (Pesky Plates)

Curtamos – Drop (White)

Ralph Rip S**t – Ralph Rip Rising (Hudson Mohawke Dub)

Darkhouse Family – Darkhouse Number 43 (forthcoming on Fat City)

Metabeats & Diverse Concepts – Embossed (forthcoming on Sonic Lodge)

Foot Clan – Most Real (White)

I don’t have too much time to spend hounding blogs anymore. Between pretending to be busy and actually being busy, there’s not even too many hours in the day to spend on good’ole Bwomp here. But when I have a few extra seconds, I always love taking a whirl through Chrome Land. They seem to be pretty keen on keeping things fresh, while still promoting good talent and solid productions. Here’s a couple things I snagged lately:

Nosaj Thing – IOIO

Starkey – OK Luv (Stagga Remix Instrumental)

Led Zeppelin vs. Rusko vs. Daft Punk vs. Lil Jon (David Starfire Mashup)


The Mix Up

Big post: Here are three mixes to throw into your players.


The first is a mid-tempo/glitch hop set by our friend Benares, aka Arcturian Expedition from Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s fresh talent in the game but don’t forget the name… Arcturian Expedition is hard at work on an EP with a few tracks you can sneak a listen to on his Myspace.

Telefon Tel Aviv – TTV (Slicker Remix)
J.Viewz – Muse Breaks
Fine Cut Bodies – Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix)
Heyoka – Sonidas De La Cabeza
KnowSleep – All Buddhas
Phutureprimitive – Darkness
Bassnectar – Kick it Complex (Remix)
KnowSleep – Afrotech
Subvert – Speaker Humpin’
edIT and The Grouch – Artsy (Remix)
Bassnectar – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (Remix)
Boxcutter – Spacebass
Vibesquad – About Face
Tipper – Tripping the Light Fantastic
Aligning Minds – Merge
Lemon Jelly – Page One
Killowatts – First Snow
Shpongle – Behind Closed Eyelids

Download:  Arcturian Expedition – Live @ Underground Sound 5


This second mix was sent in by DJ Cable of Bionic Stylus, the 2008 UK DMC Team Champions. It’s always good to hear turntablists putting their skills to work in an electronic dance genre. Cable puts down the dirt with this dubstep mashup mix with a couple surprises. Solid mix.

01. Intro…
02. Mark Instinct – Invader
03. N-Type & The Others – Technophobe
04. Maniac – Thug
05. The Prodigy – Warrior’s Dance (Benga Remix)
06. JME – Standard
07. Reso – Smash Yer Face In
08. Crissy Criss – Kick, Snare
09. Distance – Night Vision (Skream Remix)
10. Jakes – Rock The Bells
11. Emalkay – Explicit
12. Chase & Status – Saxon
13. Chase & Status – Saxon (OH SNAP! Edit Stylee)
14. The Count & Sinden – Hardcore Girls (Project Bassline Remix)
15. Jammin – Hold On  + “Scratch Interlude”
16. Ludacris Feat. Shawnna – What’s Your Fantasy
17. Jakes & Joker – 3Klane
18. Skepta – I Spy
19. Tempa T – Next Hype
20. Rusko – Mr. Muscle
21. D.O.K. – Warning
22. Benga – Buzzin’
23. Kyza – Go (Bar 9 Remix)
24. Foreign Beggars Vs. Rouge A Levres (Feat. Primecuts) – Hit That Gash (Itchy Naaan Re-rub)
25. Vista – Forcefield
26. Bonecrusher Feat. Killer Mike & T.I. – Never Scared
27. Caspa – Marmite
28. Ruff Sqwad – Xtra
29. Skream – Simple City
30. High Rankin – No Money For Guns
31. Joker – Do It
32. Seven – Drop
33. David Banner Feat. Lil Flip – Like A Pimp
34. Chingy – Juice
35. Fused Forces – What’s Going Down
36. Basement Jaxx – Raindrops (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)

Download: DJ Cable – The Mash Down Vol. 3


Finally, we have the new installment of Dubfluencial sent in by our friends at Ego Thieves, titled “Desk Full of Bass.” Dubfluencial is the biggest dubstep mix series available online, and for good reason! Jenai brings us another selection of bangers, brooders, and exclusives. Listen now!

01. Filed Of Dreams – Suspect

02. Suck Me Pitch – Ego Bandits  [EXCLUSIVE]

03. Pyramidhead – Level 67

04. Can You Guess What It Is Yet? – Cookie Monsta [EXCLUSIVE]

05. Inside Job – Taz Buckfaster

06. Whos The Hardest – Eddie K

07. Ambient Dub Shit – Borgore [EXCLUSIVE]

08. Bassbin – Kromestar

09. Thunderstrike – Tekstep [EXCLUSIVE]

10. The Polar Bear – Wartech [EXCLUSIVE]

11. Juice – The Secret Lemon

12. Drumstick – Giant

13. Mechanism Test – Mike Lennon (Riskotheque Remix)

14. Nuke Em – Datsik

15. Panic – 16bit [EXCLUSIVE]

16. Cockney Thug Gets Mugged! – Rusko & Caspa [EXCLUSIVE]

17. Mo Fyiah – Mr Boogie & Bukez Fineszt

18. Per – Rebel Sonix

19. Flux For Life – Mimosa

20. Ghosts N Stuff – Deadmau5 (Nero Mix)



Download: Dubfluencial 7 – “Desk Full of Bass” mixed by Jenai



A mix by L.A’s Ev-1.

From 8 bit to ape shit with a sprinkling of soul and hip hop so you can taste it. Some of the tracks are older by now, but its all about the theme and blend. BOOMstep is Ev’s most cohesive dubstep mix to date and he’s very proud of it. 32 tracks of dubstep to blow shit up with… Hope yall enjoy it.



1.   Disrupt – Echobombing
2.   Loefah – Disko Rekah
3.   Busta Rhymes – I Got Bass (Stagga Remix)
4.   Rumblejunkie – Weight
5.   Balkansky – United
6.   Ear Drum Kru – Detective Carol & The Red Button Case
7.   An-ten-nae – Left Coast Stomp (Original Mix)
8.   Spank Rock & Mochipet – Justintimberlakecore vs. Bump
9.   Charlie P – Under A Blanket
10. DZ – Break It Down
11. FreQ Nasty vs. Bassnectar – Viva Tibet (Original Mix)
12. Emalkay – Catastrophe
13. Runge Kutta & D-Theory – Us vs. Them
14. Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
15. Subvert – SUBversion
16. Mochipet – Marshall Bass Stacks
17. F1 – 007 VIP
18. Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger (2 Ninjas Dubstep)
19. Leon Jean-Marie – Bring It On (Rusko Remix)
20. The Rogue Element – The Hive (Raffertie’s S.W.A.R.M. Remix)
21. Lily Allen – The Fear (Jayou Oh No Remix)
22. Clouds – Mighty Eyeball Rays
23. Dreadfoxx & Beastie Boys – Pump Up The Volume / Whatcha Want (Ev-1 Mashup)
25. Manic – Wreckage
26. EPROM – 64 Bytes (EPROM Remix)
27. Solace & Vacate – Vibe Crusha
28. Saskrotch – In The Next Room Lies Our Destiny
29. DZ – Galileo Blues
30. A1 Bassline vs Kavs Rave – Lucky Charms
31. La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)
32. Noiz & Excision – Do It Now

Ev-1′s Myspace:

If You Love Ta Party…

Please peep this quick party mix. Guaranteed fun!



A DJ Ev-1 mini-set: funky breaks mixed with a some durty dubstep, doused in electro house and ignited with a little glitch hop. Add a splash of Motown and Van Halen and enjoy! Drop it in and go OFF!!!


DJ Ev-1
– Love Ta Party Mixtape


1 Apple Juice Kid – Jumpfast (Instrumental)
2 Ludachrist – MARTA Girl (Original Bmore Club Version)
3 B. Rich – Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix)
4 HK119 – C’est La Vie (Rusko Masher)
5 Mekon feat. Roxanne Shante – Yes Yes Yall (Sinden Baile Funk Mix)
6 Justice – DVNO (Let Petits Pilous Remix)
7 Poj Masta – Oh Yeh!?
8 Peaches feat. Tone Loc – Wild Thing (Bobby Evans Minimal Edit)
9 A-Trak – Say Whoa (Original Mix)
10 Joker & Rustie – Play Doe
11 Missy Elliot – We Run This (Duke Dumont Remix)
12 Busta Rhymes – Don’t Touch Me (Bird Peterson Remix)
13 Lil Mama – No Music (Starkey Refix)





DOWNLOAD Love Ta Party Mixtape (34:03)

192kbps MP3


DJ Ev-1 Facebook

DJ Ev-1 Twitter

DJ Ev-1 Soundcloud