Ellie Goulding’s Burn x Penthouse Penthouse Mashup

Check out this smooth little mashup by producer Ricky Cervantes, mashing up Ellie Goulding’s “Burn” with Los Angeles vibe bosses Penthouse Penthouse. Feel good today, kids. Feel good.

Psymbionic and Minnesota Make Stardust

Minnesota released his imaginative “Eternal Frequencies: Equinox EP” in April and hit us right in the soul pieces with it. Today, Psymbionic released his remix of “Stardust” and gave it the glitch-hop treatment. For some reason, the newly infused energy of this track makes me want to go running for miles. Music with balls AND emotion? What is the world coming to?! We’ve included the original EP as a bonus!


Download Minnesota’s full “Equinox EP here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gkkyhkcdj48kuc5

#TrapTues 20: PANTyRAiD – Dance On That Spot

The dynamic duo PANTyRAiD has been rolling out free downloads over the past few weeks to get the word out about their upcoming album “Pillow Talk,” due May 28. Since before the inception of the blog, we’ve always been huge supporters of Ooah and The Glitch Mob and MartyParty has put out one of the meanest mixtapes we’ve ever had the immense pleasure of releasing.

As a follow up to PANTyRAiD’s debut album, “The Sauce” and their “Superior EP,” the Ooah and Marty seem to constantly working to move their style forward and dip into different genres and iterations while keeping their signature dirty-sex sound intact (evidenced by their free remix of Rihanna’s “Pour It Up“). Their newest freebie takes Tommyboy’s “Dance On” 4/4 trance beat, and drives that mother into “huge 808 trap drops while still retaining a psychedlic feeling full of swag, sex, and surprise.” One of the most anticipated releases of the month, it’s safe to assume that come May 28, panties will hit the floor.


TYR – Natural Blues (TYR Remix)

A little late on the bus with this one but I didn’t wanna let this pass under your radars. TYR just released his second Moby remix of Natural Blues. Something about a smooth soul vocal on an electronic bed just works so well. Moby knew this, and TYR knew that. So what we have here is a wonderfully energetic and glitchy electro breaks track with pitched up vocals and caustic synths, turning the original Moby hit into a dancefloor banger.


Hear some more tracks from our previous post about TYR.

Daniel Ryan Music – Nagasaki

Allow us to introduce Daniel Ryan Music and his Japanese folk-glitch hop concoction, “Nagasaki,” which samples from a track called Obokuri Eeumi by Ikue Asazaki from the highly touted Samurai Champloo soundtrack. This track showed up on the front page of Reddit and absolutely blew up (goes to show one should always look beyond traditional avenues of music promotion). Fusing traditional cultural music with modern electronic instruments can lead to intriguing results, as it does here, and I only wished there was more of it happening.

Download the track here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xzk9dtda08stjv5

Rihanna – Pour It Up (PANTyRAiD Remix)

PANTyRAiD’s sophomore album is coming in a month’s time and who isn’t damn hyped about it? The countdown to the release starts NOW with the free download of a special PANTyRAiD remix of Rihanna’s “Pour it Up.”

From Ooah and MartyParty:

“We have long been huge Rihanna fans – when we heard “Pour It Up” we knew we had to remix it – the result is a lively, sexy dancefloor hit, melodic trap PANTyRAiD style with lots of ebbs and flows but always carrying the luxurious vocal power of Rihanna. Grab the free download below and PANTyRAiD your friends.”

This is a first in a series of downloads, in-store singles, and pre-sale packages that will drip each week until the full album release on May 28th. Get dialed in and enjoy the music.

Free Download at: pillowtalk.pantyraidmusic.com