Brede – Fresh Cuts Episode 1

Check out this mix by our good friend Brede which was featured on NoisePorn. This is the first of a new series of his which will highlight fellow upcoming artists coming out of his Gravitas Recordings label and more! Happy Saturday!

ill-esha Goes Deep With “Open Heart Surgery” LP

The ever talented ill-esha returns with her sophomore LP, Open Heart Surgery, due for a fitting February 14th release date on Gravitas Recordings. Taking an excursion from her norm, this multi-talented artist shows off her impressive vocal chops throughout 11 tracks. While the album hints at the bass heavy vibe of releases past, the redefined focus falls on the deep passion which can only be expressed through heartfelt vocals. Perfect for multiple listens, Open Heart Surgery will undoubtedly prove to transcend the current disposability of music, finding its way onto playlists for many years to come.

Download here.

#TrapTues 18

Knowing that Wednesday is only just looming and already dreading it all? Take a deep breath. Check out this Ben Samples remix of the Enya Tune “Sail Away” and see how you feel then. After that it’s followed by a couple of other interesting originals and remixes by folks such as Kennedy Jones, Wick-It & ill-esha, NastyNasty, and Great Dane from Team Supreme. Tuesday ain’t so bad now, right?


It’s Da Weeknd!

The Weeknd - Echoes - Remixes by ill-esha and samples

Clearly, The Weeknd has made a big splash in 2011! His version of sexed up electronic infused R&B grabs people with musical and vocal hooks and the stripped down, sexualized synth driven productions clearly lend themselves well to remixes and the frenzy that has come after each release has only worked to fuel the fire of hype. ill-esha, Chris B. and Sugarpill most certainly hit home runs with their last batch of remixes from “House of Balloons”. With the recent release of “Echoes of Silence”, +verb had a remix that will make most producers hang up their headphones and not only that but he had it out in less than 12 hours after the release (caffeine much?). Ill-Esha and Napsty took their time (a mere few days after the release) and remixed “XO/The Host” with a future garage beat and a solid low end that will make anyone want to shake their ass. In his typical fashion, Samples takes on The Weeknd’s remake of Michael Jackson’s infamous “Dirty Diana” and adds enough saw wave brain damage to bring MJ moonwalking back from the grave.  Lord have Mercy, can I get an AMEN?!


The Weeknd – “XO/The Host” (ill-esha & napsty remix)

The Weeknd – “D.D.” (Samples Remix)


Bwompcast 008: EXCEED

In the next installment of the Bwomp Mix Series, we have Texas superstar DJ and producer Exceed setting the night ablaze with his masterfully crafted, afterhours-ready mixtape. While it starts off slow and sexy, it’s not long before you find yourself jumping around, even in the most inappropriate environments, as you’re taken back to fond memories of late night excursions into the party realm.

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BWOMP! Mix Series 008: Exceed – Night on Fire


1.Skream – Where you should be (feat. Sam Frank)
2. Dream – Dub Runner
3. Paradigm – Dreamer
4. Kito and Reija Lee – This City
5. Scuba – Tense
6. Kryptic Minds – Just After Sunset
7. Peter Simon – No Respect
8. PRGz – Rollin’ (Flosstradamus Remix)
9. Girl Unit – Wut
10. Jayglo – Glo Worm
11. Antiserum and Ill-Esha – Zephyr
12. Reija Lee – Sweet talk
13. Joker – The Vision
14. Drumsound and Bassline Smith – Fu Manchu
15. FS – Yup
16. Skream – Boat Party
17. Doctor P – Watch Out
18. AFK – Lemonfaced
19. Chromeo – Night by Night
20. Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci
21. Drop the Lime – Hot as Hell (Mensah Remix)
22. Sporty-O & Krafty Kuts – Let’s Ride (Pyramid Remix)
23. Emalkay – Flesh and Bone
24. DJ Fresh – Together
25. Miles Kane – Re arrange (Skream Remix)
26. Richard Bedfor – Thing Called Love (Ulterior Motive Remix)
27. Wilkinson – Overdose
28. Inside Info & Futurebound – Mermaids
29. Trowa – Nightlife


BOOM BOOM Sexy Time! Lovestep Remixes of ‘The Weeknd’

A little luv step for the lovers out there, pull down the shades, light some candles, grab your lady and break out the chocolate sauce cuz it’s about to get sexy. Some of the hottest names in the Glitch Hop game, Ill-Esha, Sugarpill, and Chris B, just finished a next level EP of remixes of The Weeknd from Toronto, Canada. The Weeknd’s album is something to listen to, in and of itself, highly recommended listening, but this is and it ain’t bwomp unless it BWOMPS!

The Weeknd – Morning (Ill Esha Remix)

The Weeknd – What You Need (ChrisB Remix)

The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Sugarpill Remix)