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[Hi!  Quick introduction, my name is Alex and go by JVIZ.  I'll be joining the ranks with the rest of the writers on BWOMP!'s official music blog.  I'm a Los Angeles native and one of the founding members of the BWOMP! collective, I'm look forward to introducing you to some awesome producers, music, and art!]

P&D Dubstep Remix!

Produce and Destroy, coming from a variety of backgrounds musically and artistically is bringing us an exclusive early release of his monthly remix give away.  This Dubstep remix of Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic brings a new sound and feel to the original, adding synths, bass, and a new sense of epicness!


Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Produce & Destroy Dubstep Remix) [Get It Here First!]


Florence and the Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Produce & Destroy Dubstep Remix)


On top of that, P&D was also kind enough to give us an exclusive video interview.  Get to know the man behind the music:


And here’s Dubstep.FM Earthquake Weather featuring Produce & Destroy:

JVIZ presents Earthquake Weather with guest DJ: PRODUCE & DESTROY


Til next time!



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