MartyParty Makes You Wanna…

MartyParty was recently in LA and destroyed the DoLab x Bassrush party at Dim Mak Studios during a leg of his latest tour for his album. The self-managed purple champion says “the Internet and my fan base is pretty much my direct connection to my entire business. It’s all I have. I don’t rely on anything else.” So give him some love, and go get his latest album, “Six Shots of Jameson.”

MartyParty is a nice guy. MartyParty is a beast. MartyParty will slap you in the face and you will love it:

Die Antwoord – Make A Ninja Wanna F**k (MartyParty Remix)  <– handle carefully

MartyParty – The Less U Think The More Stuff Blows

If you missed it, make sure to download Marty’s BWOMP! Mixtape from October:


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  1. rdm says:

    sick stuff right there… keep up

  2. You know I’ll show my love and support. Nobody like Marty Party to give you a smack upside your head and make you want to party. I like how he gets his connection and his fan base mostly through the Internet. It is more up close and personal than many other artists’ approach. Let’s party!

  3. Lil Bill says: Haha, Very Good. 13 Year Old DubStep Dance. VERY BEGGINER But Comment With Advice.

  4. Jersh1 says:

    giveing this track away at anything under 320 is a sin…. :)

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