Four On Zee Floor

Our friends at I <3 House Music just recently ran a contest for original house tracks. With over 11,000 followers, the amount of submissions were through the roof and they asked us to help select a winner. Styles ranged across the map and it took quite awhile to get through all of them.

Our selection was Duke Braun, aka Bionic Funk from Saskatoon, Canada, an up and coming electro/tech/prog house producer and also co-host of “Bass Destruction,” a monthly live mix show that airs on 90′s house vocals, electro synths, driving basslines, and even a sick little dubstep breakdown make this a fun little funky house track that transcends decades.

Bionic Funk – 21st Century Disco Rock (Original Mix) (right-click and save to download)

The audience award of the contest went to GO$T, aka Christian Teofilo & Francisco Arellano, also from Canada. Congratulations to GO$T for racking up the most likes on their track.

Finding Happiness by GO$T

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