Lance Herbstrong Likes Cocaine

Just recently sent over to us is new material by Lance Herbstrong: a trio made up of Peter DiStefano (of Porno for Pyros fame), Kamal Soliman, and Bill Sarver. The sound is unique and is not immediately definable, but is basically an electronic resurrection to some serious and iconic rock songs from past decades. To give an idea, this track samples Eric Clapton’s live performance of “Cocaine” from his Budokan performance, but re-cut with a pumped up four on the floor kick, grimey bassline, buildups, and even a couple scratch samples. I know, you kind of just have to hear it. And don’t worry, Clapton’s solo is intact.

Eric Clapton – Cocaine (Lance Herbstrong Re-Cut)

Four On Zee Floor

Our friends at I <3 House Music just recently ran a contest for original house tracks. With over 11,000 followers, the amount of submissions were through the roof and they asked us to help select a winner. Styles ranged across the map and it took quite awhile to get through all of them.

Our selection was Duke Braun, aka Bionic Funk from Saskatoon, Canada, an up and coming electro/tech/prog house producer and also co-host of “Bass Destruction,” a monthly live mix show that airs on 90′s house vocals, electro synths, driving basslines, and even a sick little dubstep breakdown make this a fun little funky house track that transcends decades.

Bionic Funk – 21st Century Disco Rock (Original Mix) (right-click and save to download)

The audience award of the contest went to GO$T, aka Christian Teofilo & Francisco Arellano, also from Canada. Congratulations to GO$T for racking up the most likes on their track.

Finding Happiness by GO$T

Bassnectar Delivers

Bassnectar - Divergent Remixes

Bassnectar’s popularity seems to have no bounds. He’s arguably the most well known bass music producer in the world today, and with his non stop tour schedule, it’s amazing that he has any time to for new music or upcoming projects. But the man clearly has the golden touch and this latest release is no exception. With an all-star cast of producers, each remix of “Divergent Spectrum” has a unique interpretation and sound.

Don’t take our word for it, read Lorin’s description of the release.

This pack kicks off with a collaborative remix I did with my good buddies Terravita. We traded the files of “Upside Down” back and forth for a few months, and the final master that Seth did makes this one of the loudest, wildest drops to date!

After that is a remix of “Red Step” by none other than Dim Mak’s label boss, Steve Aoki. A definitive electro house banger with a beefy halftime drop, he has been the only DJ with this weapon for a few months; now it’s yours too.

The third track comes from long-time friends and collaborators, The Glitch Mob, who took “Head’s Up” into dubstep territory, with the unmistakable glitch-bass flavor.
Up next is a collaboration with Amorphous Music artist ill.Gates who spent a few days in the Bassnectar Labs this summer building synthesizers and samplers with me in Ableton. As we worked and geeked out, we built this drum & bass version of “Voodoo”, which then became a staple of my sets for the last fall tour.

Another mix of “Voodoo” follows; this time the bastions of creativity known as Beats Antique flip the original into an antique bass version with live instrumentation and some surprises.
We decided to include the full version of “Color Storm” in this package since it was never properly released, and this rounds out the package.

We hope you enjoy!!!!

Bassnectar – Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix)

Basnectar – Red Step (Steve Aoki Remix)

Bassnectar – Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Bassnectar – Voodoo (Beats Antique Remix)

Bassnectar – Color Storm

Voodoo (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)

DJ Hazmat

DJ Hazmat Explodes

Let me be frank: I usually despise mash-ups. I normally would rather listen to the actual songs. With DJ Hazmat, however, this is not the case. Out of Burlington, VT, Matt Weston is an up-and-coming DJ that is killing it with creative mmixes that capture the energy and tremendousness of everyone’s favorite songs in the best possible way. Energetic combinations, like Jay-Z and Flux Pavilion/ Eminem and Gramatik, are combined in a keenly simplistic manner. He can get a party going anywhere and makes the kind of mashups you can easily recognize and sing a long to. He has been very productive lately, putting out a lot of of songs on his soundcloud. Also available there are higher quality versions of the songs for anyone who wants to really blast them. Make sure to see what he has to say on twitter - he’s a funny guy as well as a great DJ!
I also I caught up with Mr. Weston last week to see what he had to say about being a DJ:

Dastardly: How’d you start djing? What was the beginning like for you?

DJ Hazmat: It’s kind of funny, I didn’t even listen to electronic music before college, or mainstream hip hop, or anything I play now, I was a dispatch bro, bro. But DJing was always something I was interested in but never really had the facilities to try. I got my first piece of equipment, a numark mixdeck in like november of my freshman year and taught myself on the free trial of virtual dj until actually manning up…and stealing it from the internet. I did my first legit gig in January at a fraternity party where my laptop was promptly murdered halfway through by a beer. Even with that, it was still incredible to control a party like I did, so I started taking it more seriously, upgraded my equipment and music library and have been trying to take it as far as I can since. its crazy to look back and see myself doing a party with just a laptop and a dance library of like 100 songs, probably 40 of which were deadmau5, I was nervous as f*ck too, can’t even remember how many requests I had to shoot down, but minus the whole laptop dying, it was amazing and I knew I wanted to do this for a while.

Dastardly: Why mashups? They are often really tricky to make well and it takes a creative guy to see which songs would fit well together. How’d you get into it?

DJ Hazmat:  I chose mashups to kind of bridge the gap between house and mainstream music. You can only listen to instrumental electronic music for so long before your head pops, but if it has a well known song or songs in it, it definitely gets and keeps peoples attention for a longer time. That’s ultimately what I’m trying to do at any performance, make sure the audience is interested so regardless if I’m playing my stuff or someone else’s, it’s always nice to expand the target audience to people who were like me and didn’t really listen to electronic music, and mashups do a great job of that. But also, I mean what drunk girl doesn’t want to hear LMFAO dubbed over…well over anything really? Yeah they can be tricky, but it’s also that much more rewarding when I put a song up and get someone telling me something like “they sound so good together, I would have never thought of that!” or something along those lines. It’s kind of cool to try and merge two or more things that originally were never thought to be similar and see the product work out. (i.e. midnight rizzo, can’t imagine HOV was thinking about flux pavillion when he wrote izzo.

Dastardly: What are your top 3 most played songs on your iTunes?

DJ HazmatHmm currently, 1. Sweet Disposition (Axwell and Dirty South Remix) 2. Levels (Skrillex Remix) 3. Kick Out the Epic Motherfucker by Dada Life. but with all the new music I try to find, that list changes all the time.

Dastardly: What are we gonna see out of DJ Hazmat in the future?

DJ Hazmat: Alot! lots of talk about gigs in several locations, both east and west coast. I’m getting into actual electronic production so in addition to mashups there will some DJ Hazmat originals coming out in the near future. Things are looking good, but I’m not one to try and Jinx em’ so we’ll see. Hopefully everything works out because this is something i could see myself doing for a long long time.

DJ Hazmat – Never Take Me Alive (Emenim vs. Gramatik)

DJ Hazmat – Midnight Rizzo (Example and Flux Pavillion vs. Jay-Z)

Everyone’s New Favorite Song

Joe Jonas lookin all sultry


This is legitimately the best track I’ve heard in quite some time. I have no idea who Invader! is, but he is absolutely KILLING it from down in Boca Raton. I was cruising through soundcloud - his soundcloud, to be precise – and something caught my eye: he remixed a Joe Jonas song! Are you kidding me? Obviously I clicked on the link and in the five minutes that ensued I had a dance party in my room. My friends who were already in it were soon joined by random kids from my hall who were all dancing wildly and asking the same question: what is this song? It’s awesome! Shamelessly savage, yet ideally fun, you just don’t get dubstep better than this. I am sure that, as has happened with me, this song will soon be your anthem – that song you turn to at that perfect moment. After you listen to this song and realize you want more, please turn to Invader!’s soundcloud. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.


Joe Jonas – Love Slayer (Invader! Remix)

Exclusive Interview: VibeSquaD – Orphan Alien Pt. 1

Warning: This is nuts.

The Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins triangle of Colorado is home to some of the most colossal and breathtaking mountains in the land. It is also home to one of the most interesting guys I have heard in a long time: Aaron Holstein of VibeSquaD. Holstein’s music isn’t what you typically expect from electronic music. While bringing in the throbbing bass from dubstep, he tosses in some ticking, some whirring, and some meandering synths over a layer of organic percussion to end up with…well, whatever it is he ends up with. With the momentum perpetually shifting in his songs, there is no drop or sequence that defines his tunes — instead, each song has a theme that it returns to again and again with fresh takes on familiar melodies.

Orphan Alien Part 1 is no different – seven songs deep, all of them absolutely nuts. So good, in fact, that I decided to take a few minutes to catch up with Holstein. It took a few tries to get a hold of him, because he was was busy working on his music in his home studio. No wonder his music sounds so good. Don’t forget to grab a free download of his track “Shine” after the jump!


Dastardly: So I’m loving the name VibeSquaD. Where did it come from?

Holstein: I’ve been in bands for 20 years or so, just always playing music. Originally I was playing in a band called Squadzilla, which ended up becoming Zilla after a while. I was left with the ‘Squad’ part when I was back from touring and when I was making music by myself, so I ended up using it in this project.
Dastardly: That’s a much better story than I expected. If you’ve been in bands for so long, do you have like an electronic music hero that you look to or that influenced you a lot?

Holstein: There’s lot’s that I appreciate about music and musicians. Early on, I really liked Tipper and Bill Bless, but that was 10 years ago. There’s lot’s of music in my iPod and I love all of it, so I’d say not really one guy but a lot of people and things that they’ve done that I appreciate.
Dastardly: That’s sweet. You’ve been influenced for a lot of years. How has that influenced your current direction? What is your current musical direction?

Holstein: I just did it as a little kid – I was frustrated finding kids to work with and depend on to further my goals. Just like guys were so unreliable and we had different ideas so I wanted music by myself. It was just more satisfying than with other people. I better got my point across and was in total control. Like I had writer’s block, for the first time in a long time, this winter and this spring I exploded. I did that because of myself. Because of that, the future is untold – I’m always evolving and changing.
Dastardly: That segue’s in perfectly. What have you been up to recently, if not just working on Orphan Alien?

Holstein: Lot’s of travel. I have lot’s of like shows on weekends and stuff and I play a lot of shows on the road. I make music 9-5 every day and spend the rest of the time with my family. You know, hanging out with the kids and stuff. Whenever I’m not traveling I spend time with them as much as possible.
Dastardly: As a college kid, that’s what it’s all about. Trust me. But, concerning the EP, I’m not really sure even what Genre to classify it as. I’m not big on pigeonholing songs into ultra-specific genre’s but your sound is just unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Tell me about it on like a cerebral level.

It’s all about stretching out of my comfort zone. In terms of Genre’s, I feel like they’ve become anti-genre almost. Like most music fans have an eclectic taste and have lots of different songs on their iPod. I don’t want to stay in a boring genre or define myself in one way. I did vocals a lot in this album, all me by the way, and I even messed around with a drum and bass song with some vocals and that slow, chunky sound. I want everyone to feel the breadth and width and how deep they are with melodies. I also played around a lot with synths to get the whispiness of them. This one was really and evolution of where I’m at. I’m planning on releasing Pt II on 11/11/11 – which brings like the unity of the sound.
Dastardly: 11/11/11?! That’s so sweet. That’s a really cool date.

Holstein: Well actually I released an album on 10/10/10 last year and one on 9/9/09 the year before that. It’s a cool thing for me, working with an imposed deadline. I just know I’ll get it done by then. Plus it’s a cool sequence of dates.
Dastardly: That’s really sweet and I never noticed that before. Now, totally unrelated, I’ve never seen you live, but I have looked it up on the internet and done a little research and your shows are out of control. What gives them so much energy and power?

I have a whole bunch of love and respect for playing in front of people and for the music. Being the guy who plays it at shows is really awesome. Playing with that perfect level of bass is a true honor for me. It gives me the chills to see people dancing and having fun and knowing that I’m the one doing that for them. I get off on it as much as they do. I love it.
Dastardly: When you’re not playing in shows, what do you do in your free time?

Holstein: I’m into photography, I snowboard in the winter, and I travel a lot – but I like to make it an adventure. I just have lots of opportunities when I tour, because I’m pretty much alone when I’m on tour. Just like finding a cool place to sit down and read. When I’m home I’m totally beat – I don’t really go out or have much of a nightlife when I’m at home. I chill out with my family because I’m all over my place for my job, so I get some good time with them too.
Dastardly: What is the highlight of your musical career? Is there a moment or a show that just tops them all?

Holstein: As I get older there are more and more special moments that shed light on it. I’ve been fortunate with lucky gigs where I played longer or got to play in front of a lot of people or something. Physically it’s hard to say – I don’t want to let down the small show, where the big show might not have been the best show. I love small shows with a lot of energy and awesome crowds, but the big ones are great too. I learn each time. So there’s not just one moment. I played at sunrise at Wakarusa  and it was so cool. Literally thousands of people smiling in the sun. It’s all about making people happy though.
Dastardly: What’s your top played song on iTunes?

Holstein: I always get obsessed with a band or an album and listen to it for like three weeks then move on. Like one time I only listened to Frank Zappa, all of his albums, until it drove people crazy. I love a lot of stuff though, and have a lot of it on constant rotation. I love a good album.
Dastardly: So are you an album guy and not really for the ‘hit single’?

Holstein: Well I’m all for music ADD and going all over the place and listening to whatever you want, but it’s just cool when it’s a whole production. Like one song is good, but a whole album of them with 10 on it is even better.
Dastardly: Last Question: What’s your touring schedule like? I’m out east up here in Burlington, VT, so are you ever going to make it out here? I’d love to see you live.

Holstein: I’ve been dying to get out east! I went to Hampshire College about 20 years ago and so I was up in Burlington a lot to see Phish. All my formative music was out east and so I’d love play there. I just signed with new management so they’ll be able to get me shows out there, because I don’t have much of a fan base out east. Expect to see me out there maybe in the winter or early spring.


VibeSquaD – Shine

Grab the rest of his The Orphan Alien EP on Vibesquad’s bandcamp. Just name your price!