Love In The Air

Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans may be, we couldn’t leave you without a little love of our own here at Bwomp Beats, so here’s a very special batch of Valentine’s day tunes to get you going, with downloads from NastyNastyRJD2, ModuloktopusWick-It The Instigator, GoldRush and our boy Psymbionic (remixing one of my favorite 311 tracks of all time). Whether you’ve got a romantic evening with a significant other planned, hitting the clubs to find some big booty hoes, or staying in with a bottle of lotion and Kleenex, hopefully this helps gets you right.


Munchi – Skulltrap Vol. 1

Munchi drops a refreshing free release that takes trap and mixes it with skullstep with some breakcore elements tossed in. The remixes are VIP’s of some of his favorite tracks by Limewax, Donny & Current Value, and Numek & Drumcorps that he had been wanting to remix for quite awhile. The unconventional arrangements and gritty drum loops Munchi puts together in this balls-to-the-wall, genre-twisting EP just smashes and shows how boundless even popular “fad” genres can be. Listen up yall. This is just a small taste of what Munchi has in store for you soon regarding the project known as “Skulltrap.”


1. Limewax – 666 Untitled vs. Cracking Core (Munchi’s 777 VIP)

2. Current Value – Cybernetics VIP (Munchi Rather Downgrades VIP)

3. Donny & Current Value ft Mc Cidinho Y Doca – Symptomless Coma vs. Rap Da Felicidade (Munchi’s Detangle And Unlearn VIP)

4. Numek & Drumcorps – Reactor Core vs. Down (Munchi’s Fire Extinguisher VIP) (Original Mix)

You can also download a .zip file of all 4 tracks here:

Psymbionic’s Post/Wave/Future/Core

If you don’t know what Post/Wave/Future/Core means, that’s fine. You shouldn’t. This is the newest EP from our own Psymbionic who has been working diligently in the past few months to release. The name is “making a bit of fun at the over-genrification of electronic music recently” and really, in simple terms, is telling you “shut up and enjoy it.” Just go grab it, pop it on, and let yourself dip into this refreshing pool of bwomp beats and hear what the man named Psymbionic has created for ya.


Track Listing:

1. Psymbionic – Apex

2. Psymbionic – Coagulate

3. Psymbionic & Great Scott – Computronium

4. Psymbionic – Inertia

5. Psymbionic & Pharo – Voyages

6. Psymbionic – Sensorship

Get it NOW on iTunes:



#TrapTues 7 – Pheeetus

This week we have a few free D/L’s from Pheetus. This underdog hailing from London has a fury of glitch-hop influenced sound infused with that dirty south booty shake. Keep a look out for this artist this year for more dance floor bangers.

Free Tracks:

Pheeetus ft. Bobby Solo – Party Like Rick James

Pheeetus – Peep Kinda Slow

Pheeetus ft. Bobby Solo – Filthy Animal

Fish Wobble Wednesday: 4FLEXX

 Callum Lauesen, aka 4Flexx, is 19 years old and lives in Essex, United Kingdom near London. Currently he’s putting all his efforts and focus on production, so much, in fact, that when he’s not producing he’s looking up tutorials, guides, and any information on enhancing his skills. At around 12 years old, he scoured the internet for bassy music to play on his system. He searched “bassy UK music”and ‘Rinse FM’ came up, where Plastician introduced the song ‘Mud’ by Loefah. Callum had never heard such sub heavy bass infused music and, since 2006, has been addicted. Through dedication and hard work he has now seen releases on Styx, Chronos Records, forthcoming on BassClash, and is currently collaborating with Megalodon. 4Flexx is very careful about making sure he doesn’t pigeonhole himself into one distinct sound and is always seeking to adapt and change to new influences.

Check out these tracks that stand on their own, but when listened to collectively represent the diversity in 4Flexx’s production.

4Flexx – Face Off

4Flexx – Free Fall

4Flexx – Your Call

4Flexx – Final Word

4Flexx – Rattlesnake

Blackmill ft. Veela – Life [4Flexx Remix]

Be sure to check out his SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.

#TrapTues 6 – We’re Still Alive- Happy 2013!

Looks like the world didn’t end! That means we have another full year of anticipated music to come! 2012 was a big year for the new trap sound with producers from all genres getting their hands wet on the movement. 2013 is looking to be a solid year in the bass scene and it’s only gonna get harder and more creative!

Here are a few producers you should look out for this year if you haven’t already done so. These guys have been consistently putting out banger after banger and their momentum isn’t slowing. Happy new year to everyone across the world! Let’s spread the Love, Peace, and Bass!!!