Brede – Fresh Cuts Episode 1

Check out this mix by our good friend Brede which was featured on NoisePorn. This is the first of a new series of his which will highlight fellow upcoming artists coming out of his Gravitas Recordings label and more! Happy Saturday!

California Roots Festival – May 23-26, 2014

In the music scene today, we hear the word “vibe” being thrown around a whole lot. Jamaican slang sprinkled over reggaeton and dubstep tracks. Palettes of red, green, and yellow slapped on top of on banners and rastafari beanies. Yet, there is still an astounding amount of us that have never been to a real, amazing, and soul-elevating festival like the California Roots Festival. We’re officially forwarding to you the need to be here.

We’ve had the opportunity to be at the Cali Roots fest over the last three years and this is definitely a festival that has not only gotten better, but continues to bring a community of positive-minded individuals together to experience great music. With many festivals, most get overwhelmed with the idea of being at a festival all day; hotel accomadations, travel, the amount of people, overly expensive food and drinks, and (being from southern California) the heat. These are all factors that folks think about when planning on going to a weekend-long festival.

The crew at Cali Roots have worked hard to provide an overall great experience (weather too. C’mon we’re talking about Monterey, CA here) at very affordable prices. The acts are about as top tier as you’ll ever find from a single festival and all WORTH IT. Where else are you going to see large national touring acts like Slightly Stoopid, Matisyahu, Rebelution, The Expendables (A personal favorite), Katchafire, and dozens of other great acts in one place? Honestly probably never.

Check out this mix from Markoreggae (he has 420 followers on Soundcloud) and some pics from last year that are a great summation of how great this festival is. Looking forward to this year and more great vibes!


Meaux Green x Tropkillaz – Pump Up The Volume

Perennial BWOMP! favorites the Tropkillaz have teamed up with Meaux Green to churn out this Eric B. and Rakim-sampled heater. These guys are quickly building steam and are not showing any signs of slowing down. The Tropkillaz are fitting to blow the top off the US twerk circuit. Best believe if any nation was built for twerking, it’s Brazil.

Amp Live Gets “Closer” In Colorado Inspired Tune

Straight from the mountains of Colorado comes Amp Live‘s newest single, Closer To The Sun. Whirling arpeggios mix with grounded strings and a weighty beat, creating a positive atmosphere made to lift your spirits. The ReMINDers, Timeline, and Sloppy Joe offer up a tasteful chorus of melodic vocals mixed with imaginative, intelligent hip hop lyrics to round off the track in modern fashion. Living up to it’s namesake and inspiration, Closer conjures imagery of days spent snowboarding under a blue sky and chilly nights out enjoying the vibrant Mile High culture.

As one half of Zion I, Amp Live has been the musical foundation for a multitude of studio albums and tours stretching across the globe. His background allows him to perfectly bridge the worlds of EDM and hip hop in his solo endeavors with technical and classical sensibility. Keep your eyes peeled; Amp’s full length album, “Headphone Concerto”, is slated for release in Spring 2014 via Plug Research.

Buy track.

ill-esha Goes Deep With “Open Heart Surgery” LP

The ever talented ill-esha returns with her sophomore LP, Open Heart Surgery, due for a fitting February 14th release date on Gravitas Recordings. Taking an excursion from her norm, this multi-talented artist shows off her impressive vocal chops throughout 11 tracks. While the album hints at the bass heavy vibe of releases past, the redefined focus falls on the deep passion which can only be expressed through heartfelt vocals. Perfect for multiple listens, Open Heart Surgery will undoubtedly prove to transcend the current disposability of music, finding its way onto playlists for many years to come.

Download here.