Its a Bwompin’ Pleasure to Make Your Aquaintence

Greetings bwompers, Myndz~iii (pronounced Minds~Eye) is the name, and words the domain. Some of you may know me as the MC of the BWOMP! crew, though most have likely never heard of me. We will be changing that. In the forthcoming days I will be bringing to you in depth (most of the time, lol) interviews with musicians, producers, and artists of all kinds. Some local and likely some big names as well. So be sure to join me on my journalistic journey, as I bring you tasty tidbits to expand your BWOMP! spectrum.

(Check out this track Myndz~iii recorded with the homie Richard Sweat, remixed by none other than Stephan Jacobs -Ed.)
Richard Sweat – Spitfire feat. Myndz~iii (Stephan Jacobs Remix)

Stay tuned bwompers.