These are our Rockstars

Bwomp Beats recently caught up with MiM0SA at his Austin,Tx gig with Vibesquad for a quick and dirty interview.

We asked him about his intro to music? How his crowds are reacting to his new heavy 808 infused album, “Sanctuary”? And if he uses a template when starting a song?

On top of sitting down with one of bass music’s youngest and hottest names, what struck us was just how fast this has all happened. Bass music and electronic music in general has simply exploded in the last few years. America has fully embraced the music. Yes, there is dubstep in commercials. Yes, Skrillex was nominated for 5 Grammys and did a song with The Doors. But underneath that all, real careers and are being made. More and more artists are playing more and more shows and the production of festivals and shows are reaching never before seen heights with record attendances happening across the country. Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, MiM0SA, Big Gigantic, PANTyRAiD, 12th Planet, Diplo, Skrillex, Deadmau5, Nero, and the list goes on.


Snag this 22 minute mix MiMOSA just did for


Somehow while being on a hectic US tour, playing dates with both Lunice and Kastle, MiM0SA has managed to whip up quite the mix for you to download. The mix covers some of the best tracks we’ve been digging lately and clocks in at a to-the-point 22 minutes. Check out the tracklisting & download MiM0SA’s Future Trill Mixxx below, and follow the jump to see a full list of upcoming tour dates:

1. NiNA SiM0NE – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
2. THE T0UCH – Bodies Waiting (FRENCH FRiES REMiX)
3. DARK SKY – Be Myself
4. MiM0SA – Pink Sprite
5. DiSCL0SURE – I Love… That You Know
6. STAGGA – Wild For The Night (D0SHY REMiX)
7. LUNiCE – I See U (GiRL UNiT REMiX)
8. TEETH – Shawty
9. JAY-Z KANYE WEST – Niggas In Paris (MiM0SA REMiX)
10. MiM0SA – Ice Box
11. AFRiKA HiTECH – Out In The Streets
12. MiM0SA – Dirty Money
13. Sleepyhead – Summer Lovin

MiM0SA upcoming US tour dates:

Thurs, Jan 19 – Georgia Theatre (Athens, GA) – w/ Lunice
Fri, Jan 20 – Music Farm (Charleston, SC) – w/ Lunice
Sat, Jan 21 – Neighbourhood Theatre (Charlotte, NC) – w/ Lunice
Tues, Jan 24 – Zydeco (Birmingham, AL) – w/ Lunice
Wed, Jan 25 – Lyric Theatre (Oxford, MS) – w/ Kastle
Thurs, Jan 26 – The Valarium (Knoxville, TN) – w/ Kastle
Fri, Jan 27 – Cannery Ballroom (Nashville, TN) – w/ Kastle
Sat, Jan 28 – The Pageant (St. Louis, MO) – w/ Kastle
Sun, Jan 29 – Granada Theatre (Lawrence, KS) – w/ Kastle
Fri, Mar 2 – Snowball Music Festival (Avon, CO) – Festival runs March 2nd-4th. MiM0SA’s day TBA.

Thanks to Gravitas Recordings and Abboriginial Productions for the interview and video work.


Bassnectar Delivers

Bassnectar - Divergent Remixes

Bassnectar’s popularity seems to have no bounds. He’s arguably the most well known bass music producer in the world today, and with his non stop tour schedule, it’s amazing that he has any time to for new music or upcoming projects. But the man clearly has the golden touch and this latest release is no exception. With an all-star cast of producers, each remix of “Divergent Spectrum” has a unique interpretation and sound.

Don’t take our word for it, read Lorin’s description of the release.

This pack kicks off with a collaborative remix I did with my good buddies Terravita. We traded the files of “Upside Down” back and forth for a few months, and the final master that Seth did makes this one of the loudest, wildest drops to date!

After that is a remix of “Red Step” by none other than Dim Mak’s label boss, Steve Aoki. A definitive electro house banger with a beefy halftime drop, he has been the only DJ with this weapon for a few months; now it’s yours too.

The third track comes from long-time friends and collaborators, The Glitch Mob, who took “Head’s Up” into dubstep territory, with the unmistakable glitch-bass flavor.
Up next is a collaboration with Amorphous Music artist ill.Gates who spent a few days in the Bassnectar Labs this summer building synthesizers and samplers with me in Ableton. As we worked and geeked out, we built this drum & bass version of “Voodoo”, which then became a staple of my sets for the last fall tour.

Another mix of “Voodoo” follows; this time the bastions of creativity known as Beats Antique flip the original into an antique bass version with live instrumentation and some surprises.
We decided to include the full version of “Color Storm” in this package since it was never properly released, and this rounds out the package.

We hope you enjoy!!!!

Bassnectar – Upside Down (Bassnectar & Terravita Remix)

Basnectar – Red Step (Steve Aoki Remix)

Bassnectar – Heads Up (The Glitch Mob Remix)

Bassnectar – Voodoo (Beats Antique Remix)

Bassnectar – Color Storm

Voodoo (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix)

It’s Da Weeknd!

The Weeknd - Echoes - Remixes by ill-esha and samples

Clearly, The Weeknd has made a big splash in 2011! His version of sexed up electronic infused R&B grabs people with musical and vocal hooks and the stripped down, sexualized synth driven productions clearly lend themselves well to remixes and the frenzy that has come after each release has only worked to fuel the fire of hype. ill-esha, Chris B. and Sugarpill most certainly hit home runs with their last batch of remixes from “House of Balloons”. With the recent release of “Echoes of Silence”, +verb had a remix that will make most producers hang up their headphones and not only that but he had it out in less than 12 hours after the release (caffeine much?). Ill-Esha and Napsty took their time (a mere few days after the release) and remixed “XO/The Host” with a future garage beat and a solid low end that will make anyone want to shake their ass. In his typical fashion, Samples takes on The Weeknd’s remake of Michael Jackson’s infamous “Dirty Diana” and adds enough saw wave brain damage to bring MJ moonwalking back from the grave.  Lord have Mercy, can I get an AMEN?!


The Weeknd – “XO/The Host” (ill-esha & napsty remix)

The Weeknd – “D.D.” (Samples Remix)


Kraddy Crushes It…Again

Kraddy Anthems of the Hero

Kraddy Anthems of the Hero


Kraddy’s newest offering is nothing short of ground breaking. Simply put, it’s what would be if rock and bass music had a bastard child. The fusion of live instruments goes further than any bass music artist has to date. “Anthems of a Hero” was produced by Ross Robinson (known for producing Korn and Limp Biscuit) and Jon Theodore of Mars Volta on drums and Cody Votolato on guitar. Kraddy then took those recordings and fused them with his own demos and the result is an album that dips and dives between modern rock and Kraddy’s bigger than life synth and bass sounds.

“The Holy Avenger” starts off the album with a heavy handed rock beat and guitar talk box riff that captures your attention and sets the tone for the entire album. “Black Bone” jukes back to a sound that could have been found on his last EP “Labyrinth” with it’s epic builds and bass / synth fusions. “Bare Bones” switches back to a classic rock feel with a bluesy guitar line and funky rock band style that you can’t resist but nod your head and tap your feet to. “Operation Prometheus” starts with an epic build and drops into a dark and dirty breakdown where the live drums shine through. “Heart Anthem” and “The Legend” are both bass driven jams that chug and churn and continue to reinforce the mood of the album. “Forbidden” is the absolute gem off the entire album and as Kraddy described in the The Do Lab’s album preview as “PURE SEX”. The vocal styling and lyrics of the female vocalist, Erica Dee, paint a picture of a love forbidden. “Ill Million” is a grinding midtempo track that could be easily be off one of Kraddy’s earlier breakbeat albums. “Black Sun” ends the album strongly with a extended breakdown that signals the end is near.

Look for Kraddy’s new music video shot at the Do Lab’s house using the insane Red – Epic M slow motion camera. Subject matter is said to be a knock down, drag out girl fight, now that sounds like FUN!

Grab the full album for free on Kraddy’s site.

Kraddy – Operation Prometheus

Kraddy – Black Box

- Brede

BOOM BOOM Sexy Time! Lovestep Remixes of ‘The Weeknd’

A little luv step for the lovers out there, pull down the shades, light some candles, grab your lady and break out the chocolate sauce cuz it’s about to get sexy. Some of the hottest names in the Glitch Hop game, Ill-Esha, Sugarpill, and Chris B, just finished a next level EP of remixes of The Weeknd from Toronto, Canada. The Weeknd’s album is something to listen to, in and of itself, highly recommended listening, but this is and it ain’t bwomp unless it BWOMPS!

The Weeknd – Morning (Ill Esha Remix)

The Weeknd – What You Need (ChrisB Remix)

The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Sugarpill Remix)


Nico Luminous – A Man on a Mission

Nico Luminous

Nico Luminous takes a soulful approach to creating electronic music while fusing melodic progressions, futuristic sound design and organic elements into dirty bass drops. “Sunrize in LA”, his most recent release on Street Ritual records on March 21st 2011, went straight to #1 on The EP is an elegant downtempo lovestep journey moving swiftly between haunting samples, throbbing sub-bass and 8 bit funk.

Having been performing as an MC/Beatboxer since he was a teenager, Nico also puts those skills to work in his Youtube music production tutorials.

His recent tune “Rock That” is a sexy dubstep track that shows Nico’s versatility in the studio. His intelligent remixes of “Tell Me Your Care” by Roisin Murphy, “Baby Boy” by Beyonce and Sean Paul, and “Imagine” by John Lennon exemplify his ability to make a song his own and still maintain the original character of the piece.

Nico Luminous – Rock That

Roisin Murphy – Tell Me You Care (Nico Luminous Remix)

Beyonce and Sean Paul – Love is Real / Baby Boy (Nico Luminous Remix)

John Lennon – Imagine (Nico Luminous Remix)